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Perlis may be the smallest state in Malaysia, but it boasts a wealth of natural, cultural and historical splendours that rival the bigger states. You may be mesmerised by the many quaint villages, picturesque scenery and centuries-old traditions wherever you go. In short, Perlis is the perfect destination to head for if you prefer old world charm instead of the hustle and bustle of the city, where life is unhurried and the environment naturally fresh and crisp.

Mosque State

Perlis lies at the northwestern tip of the Malay Peninsula; bounded by Thailand in the north, and by Kedah to the east and south. Its western coastline borders the Straits of Malacca. It measures approximately 810 sq km and has a population of 217,480. The state capital is Kangar while Arau, 10km away, is the Royal town.
Although small in size, Perlis is not without its attractions, foremost among which is its serene beauty. Perlis, too, abounds with rustic rural scenes and rolling green fields of padi.

Places of interest

Gua Kelam, Recreational Park
The Kelam cave is a 370-metres long limestone cave at the small town of Kaki Bukit. The name of the cave literally means, " At a foothill lies a dark cave". The approach to the cave is via a suspended bridge making the cave a unique and adventurous experience for visitors.

Kelam Cave

The state capital of Perlis is a small town surrounded by huge expanses of green padi fields that become a beholding golden yellow come harvest season. Because of Kangar's small size, most places are within walking distance. Look out for the state mosque, Masjid Alwi on Jalan Besar, which stands tall with its golden dome.

Gua Kelam Kaki Bukit
Its name meaning "a dark cave at a foothill", the cave is believed to have been carved out by the subterranean stream that has been running through it since time immermorial, and further enlarged in 1935 to facilitate the transportation of tin ore. Access the cave via the suspension bridge, and go cavern exploring on the wooden walkway that is suspended throughout the length of cavern.

Wang Kelian State Park

Wang Kelian State Park
Close to the Thai border lies the Wang Kelian State Park, a haven for nature lovers and eco-tourism buffs. The immense area of the park contains one of the few semi deciduous forests in Malaysia. Its limestone forest is rich in fauna, including birds, mammals and reptiles.

Kuala Perlis
Pulau Langkawi-bound visitors head for this sleepy coastal fishing town which has ferry links to the island. The town itself does not offer and landmarks but has several popular seafood restaurants.

Bukit Air Recreational Park
Nestled within a lush tropical forest, the park's refreshing streams and cascading waterfalls make it an excellent site for picnics and camping. Creature comforts in the form of basic amenities, and camping and car park facilities are available.

Snake Farm
Perlis is noted for its large population of venomous snakes, the limestone cave and crevices offering the best of natural habitats for the slithery creatures. The Snake Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat houses a large collection of 23 species of live snakes in large open-air enclosures. In addition, there is a crocodile farm and a fish pond.

Snake Farm

How to get there.......
There is no direct air service to Perlis. Visitors have to fly into Alor Setar and from there take a taxi to Kangsar. The drive takes about 45 minutes.

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