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Giant Drums

Kelantan is a true treasure trove of delights with its rustic fishing village, lush padi fields and palm-fringed beaches. Visitors will be able to experience age-old traditions and customs of the people of Kelantan that have been kept alive, thus earning the reputation as the cradle of Malay culture.
Kota Bharu, the capital, is the major urban centre but there are plans to open up the southern portion of the state under an ambitious multi-million dollar development project. The sights and sounds of Kota Bharu is proof of the Kelantanese penchant for free enterprise.

The state offers many interesting sites for visitors and locals alike. The Royal Museum built in 1939 houses regalia and palace items belonging to former Sultans. These include silverware, bedroom items, and furniture from the royal household. Other places of interest include the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs, where visitors will be able to find photographs, artifacts and exhibits on Kelantan's rich cultural heritage, the War Museum, the Merdeka Square, the State Mosque and the many fishing villages located along the coast. Visiting ecotourists will find much in the state of Kelantan where an upriver cruise into the virgin rainforest is available. The forest offers magnificent waterfalls and caves to entertain visitors. Located in the state is a national park popular for its fishing spots. Fishing enthusiasts will find this place to be a thrilling experience. 

Royal Museum


Kelantan is a shopping haven not only for its traditional handicrafts but also for its wide selection of goods which come from across the Thai border. Shoppers will find endless delights in shopping for anything from gorgeous silk kaftans to silver trinkets and hand-woven bags. The shopping complexes are mostly located in the state capital, Kota Bahru.  Visitors eating out will find to their delight an extremely large variety of food the state has to offer. Known across Malaysia, these unique cuisines like the ayam percik, nasi kerabu, and the nasi dagang are simply delicious.

Restaurants, hawker stalls and food stalls are situated everywhere in the capital and the price of the food offered are astonishingly cheap. At the junction of Jalan Padang Garong and Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, visitors will find the capitals China Town, where Chinese cuisines are also available.


Cahaya Bulan Beach

You can stop at the various cottage industries along the road to Pantai Cahaya Bulan and discover some of Kelantan's rich heritage, including batik prints, songket, kites and copper-tooled handicrafts.

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Gelanggang Seni (Cultural Centre)
Savour the true flavour of Malay culture here, where you can view traditional activities like silat (Malay martial arts), wayang Kulit (shadow puppet theatre), rebana ubi (giant drums), and gasing (top spinning).

State Museum
The former colonial land office now contains an electic asortment of exhibits featuring traditional Kelantanese art, crafts, and music.

Picnic by the cascading waters at Jeram Pasu, or Jeram Lenang. Swimmers will not resists dipping into the cool waters sitting in the arms of lush foliage. Lata Beringin, a 120-m waterfall claimed to be one of the highest in the country, promises to be an enthralling experience.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moonlight Beach)
Kelantan's most famous beach is also known as Pantai Cinta Berahi, or Beach of Passionate Love. Her romantic names fittingly complement the beach's crystal clear waters, swaying casuarina trees, and powdery-white sands.

How to get there.......
Daily flights are available to Kota Bharu from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Express trains depart daily for various destinations throughout Kelantan and major towns in Peninsular Malaysia right up to Singapore. There are adequate taxis and buses plying between the capital and outlying districts.

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