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Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island Beach

Pangkor Island is located just off the west coast of Perak in Peninsula Malaysia and is one of the most enchanting islands in the world today. Pangkor is a 40 minutes ferry ride from Lumut, a coastal town which is about 84 km from Ipoh in the northern part of Peninsula Malaysia. There are also scheduled flights via Kuala Lumpur operated by Pelangi Air.

Pangkor offers visitors a great selection of ultra-modern resorts complete with outdoor and indoor sports and other recreational facilities as well as smaller yet cosy hotels, bungalows and chalets. Most of the larger establishments are situated on the beachfront and offer you rooms with a splendid view. Pubs, discos and entertainment lounges are usually found here.

Pangkor Island Beach
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Seafood Market

Eating out is no problem as the island has a fair number of restaurants and eating places. Be sure not to miss a seafood treat at one of the many seafood restaurants. For those who prefer haute cuisine, most of the hotels have F&B outlets that serve a wide range of continental favourites in additional to a grand selection of exotic local fare.

Treasures of the island

Pantai Puteri Dewi (Golden Sands Beach)
Literally called 'Beach of the lovely princess' with its white sand, tropical surroundings and sparkling bay is one particular spot. Site of the Pan Pacific Resort this stretch of beach offers guests elegant accommodation, convention rooms, indoor and outdoor sorts facilities, a golf course and facilities for snorkeling and windsurfing.

Teluk Nipah
Designated one of Pangkor's sea parks, it is blessed with a vast coral reef and spectacular marine life which makes snorkelling a must.

Golden Sands Beach

Pasir Bogak Beach

Pantai Pasir Bogak
Another snorkeling site with an extensive coral reef and shallow, crystal clear waters. The largest and most popular destination on Pulau Pangkor, its large crescent-shaped beach and numerous shade trees also make it the idyllic spot for picnicking. Here you can find ample accommodaton ranging from hotels, a government rest house to A-frame hut, to facilities for boating and fishing. 

Pulau Pangkor Laut
Visitors have dubbed it 'Fantasy Island' and aptly so. This satellite island of the larger Pangkor island boasts the heavenly Emerald Bay, beyond any doubt the finest beach in the Straits of Melaka. Snorkellers and divers will discover an underwater paradise off Coral Beach while sailing and windsurfing buffs can seek their thrill at Royal Beach

Pangkor Laut Resort

Teluk Genung
For a bit of history, there's the old Dutch Fort at Teluk Genung. Built in 1670, it was a Dutch stronghold against pirates and local Malays, until a ferocious attack by the latter forced them out of Pangkor. Rebuilt in 1743, it served as a garrison for Dutch left by the soldiers remain.

Lumut Beach

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Travel to the small coastal town of Lumut approximately 84 km south of Ipoh or about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur if you intend to take a boat ride across the Straits to the islands. This quaint town boasts a peculiar atmosphere even to many Malaysians who visit it for the first time. Lumut seems contented with its own pace of progress compared to how fast the rest of Malaysia is growing. Old, elegant buildings still house some of the town's administrative offices. A 20 minutes drive south of Lumut brings one to the popular beach playground of Teluk Batik, the site of the annual Lumut Festival. Those who prefer tranquil surrounding should try the charming Teluk Rubiah Beach Resort in the vicinity, located on one of the best beaches in the area.

Resorts in Pangkor Island

Resorts Address Telephone Fax No. of Rooms
1. The Pan Pacific     Resort Pangkor Teluk Belanga, 
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6851091 05-6852390 245
2. Seagull Beach     Resort Telik Nipah,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6852878 05-6852857 38
3. Khoo Holiday     Resort Pantai Pasir Bogak,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6851164 05-6851164 100
4. Sri Bayu Beach     Resort Pantai Pasir Bogak,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6851929 05-6851050 48
5. Beach Huts Hotel Pantai Pasir Bogak,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6851159 05-6851159 34
6. Pangkor Laut     Resort Pulau Pangkok Laut,
32200 Lumut, Perak
05-6991100 05-6991200 185
7. Teluk Dalam Resort     Pangkor 32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak 05-6855000 05-6854000 222
8. The Orient Star     Resort Lumut Lot 203 & 366, Jalan Iskandar  Shah, 32200 Lumut, Perak 05-6834199 05-6834223 150
9. The Lumut Country     Resort 331 Jalan Titi Panhang,
32200 Lumut, Perak
05-6835109 05-6835396 44
10. Sea View Hotel Jalan Pasir Bogak,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak 
05-6851605 / 6851705 05-6851970 59
11. Teluk Rubiah      Beach Resort P.O.Box 27, 
32040 Sri Manjun, Lumut, Perak
010-5014000 010-5014001 55
12. Pangkor Coral Bay      Resort Lot 34, Pasir Bogak, 
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6855111 05-6855666 210
13. Pangkor Indah      Beach Resort Lot 4451, Telok Nipah,
32300 Pulau Pangkok, Perak
05-6852107 05-6852107 14

How to get there.....
By Air : Pelangi Air operates regular scheduled services from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Sitiawan which is about 30 minutes drive to Lumut, the take-off point by ferry to Pangkor.
From Sitiawan to Lumut, it takes only about 15 minutes by coach or taxi. In Lumut, catch the ferry to Pangkor Island - a comfortable 30 minutes boat ride. From the jetty on the eastern part of the island, it is another short drive away to the beach resorts at Teluk Belanga or Pasir Bogak on the west coast.

By Ferry : Ferry services between Lumut on the mainland and Pangkor Island operate at 1/4 hourly intervals. There are also regular scheduled ferry services between the Pan Pacific Resort and Lumut.

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