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Layang-layang Island

The west coast of Sabah offers visitors the perfect diving environment with an enormous variety of marine creatures and corals that enliven Malaysia's tropical seas. The island of Layang-layang is one of these internationally famous diving sites. Located 165 nautical miles northwest of Kota Kinabalu, the oval-shaped island is nearly 7 square kilometres wide and 1.2 square kilometres long. Layang-layang is accessible by light aircraft and is only an hour's flight from Kota Kinabalu.

This island is built on one edge of a coral atoll that rises 2,000 metres from the floor of the South China Sea and experienced divers can look forward for a diving adventure of a lifetime. Visitors will be able to encounter marine life and corals of all sorts from Hammerhead sharks to extraordinary corals during dives. The island provides a lavish dive resort hotel or chalets located on a narrow strip of built-up reef, with a lagoon on one side and a 2,000 metres drop to the ocean floor on the other.

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Accommondation is available at Layang-Layang Island Resort. For more information or bookings, contact Layang-Layang Island Resort at 03-21612287 or visit the website at

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