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Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Visitors are attracted to the Cameron Highlands largely for a change of climate and pace. As such, activities are nature-based and relaxing with a variety of activities and attractions to suit one's mood and level of fitness.

The Cameron Highlands consists of a series of little townships which include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, and Brinchang. The best tourist amenities are sited in or around Tanah Rata but Brinchang is fast catching up with a number of new apartments and restaurants.

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Ringlet is the first township that one approaches on the route up the highlands. It has often been bypassed by visitors in their hurry to get to the summit.

Just after the township, about a kilometre away, and perched atop the hill on the left is The Lakehouse Hotel. Overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake, the Tudor-style country house is an ideal place to savour English tea and scones, or strawberry and cream.

Ringlet town

Built in 1972, the 25 rooms hotel is exquisitely furnished with antique decor, poster-beds in the suites and has a cosy fireplace for relaxation. The hotel is also well-known for its Continental fare.

Habu, just after Ringlet, is more locality for the Habu Power Station and the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake. Of interest to visitors passing through this locality is the flower nursery, some fruit and vegetables stalls, and the persimmon orchard that are an attraction during the fruiting season from August - September. Shortly after Habu, on the right is a narrow but scenic road that takes you to the Boh Tea Plantation, one of the major tea plantations in Cameron Highlands. Northwards, a narrow steep uphill path leads to the Robinson Power Station and the Robinson Waterfalls.

Cameron Highlands

Tanah Rata
Approximately 13 km away from Ringlet is Tanah Rata, the main town of Cameron Highlands. It has a population of about 7,000, mostly those involved in the hospitality, food and service sectors.

The heart of the beguiling little town centres around Jalan Besar, the main street. Flanked a row of quaint shophouses on one side, the town has a sense of warm communal atmosphere normally found in mountain hamlets.

The residents here exude friendly charm and courtesy and are generally helpful to tourists. English is widely spoken, given the area's early colonial history. It is very easy to feel comfortable and at peace with oneself in this tranquil environment.

As the main town in the highlands, Tanah Rata is well-served by a range of hotel accommodation, restaurants, shops, a post office, a hospital, clinics, travel agencies, a tourist information centre, a scenic public garden, golf course, a bus station and a taxi stand.

Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate
One of the bigger tea plantations , guided tours are offered around the factory to enable visitors an insight into the processing of tea. After the tour, visitors can sit out at the tea shop, overlooking the hills, and enjoy tea and shortbread. A variety of tea, from Pekoe to Cinnamon-flavoured ones are on sale.

Boh Tea Estate

Trinkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja are little settlements populated by the local population who work various sectors in the highlands. They, however, offer a glimpse into the daily lifestyle of the highland village folk as they go about their activities.


About 3 km north of Tanah Rata is Brinchang, the centre of the highland's "green produce". Though it began its early days as a vegetable gardeners' settlement, it has developed into another delightful destination for tourists. It is situated on a slightly higher altitude than Tanah Rata, and its surroundings are hills terraced by vegetable farms, flower gardens and tea plantations. Here, a wide range of holiday accommodation is available to visitors, ranging from hotels to apartments and colonial bungalows.

Brinchang boasts the only golf course in the highlands. The 18-holes, par-71 Cameron Highlands Golf Course is quite challenging with tricky greens, undulating fairways, thick rough, meandering streams and fine sand bunkers. As rains are quite common in the afternoon, it is advisable to play early in the morning. The Golf Course is open to public. Green Fees are RM40 on weekdays and RM60 on weekends or public holidays. Caddy Fee is RM18.


Strawberry Farms

The Smokehouse Hotel
Adjacent to the Cameron Highlands Golf Course is The Smokehouse Hotel, an enchanting Tudor-style building in 1937. The pretty boutique hotel with latticed windows, wooden beams and furnished with interesting antique artifacts has 13 lovely suites. English cuisine, including cream teas are served. Its English country garden is especially a treat to its guests.

Strawberry Farms
Across the road, on the hills overlooking the Cameron Highlands Golf Course are two strawberry farms where fresh luscious strawberries, homemade jam and marmalade are on sale.

Flower Nurseries
Fresh flowers are cultivated in the highlands and is a leading export. Most of the flowers are grown in Brinchang. Flower nurseries can be found located on the hilly inclines bordering the main road in Brinchang. Blooms like roses, chrysanthemum, carnations, dalia, geranium, fuschia, gladioli and 'everlasting flowers' are grown at the nurseries. No visit to the highlands is complete without purchasing some of these fresh colourful cuts to take back home.
Flower Nurseries

Eating Out
Eating out is an enjoyable experience with a variety of food available at Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Fine English food is offered at The Lakehouse and Ye Old Smokehouse but many of the local restaurants do serve up a decent English meal, breakfast or afternoon tea at competitive prices. Chinese restaurants are favoured by locals for steamboat, a 'do-it-yourself' cooking in steaming hot soup. Indian restaurants are plentiful, given the large Indian population. They serve a spicy, hearty fare of rice and curries. There is also a number of Malay restaurants, Moghul restaurants and a few vegetarian restaurants.


After Dusk
Night activities are limited to those offered by the hotel lounges. However, most visitors to Cameron Highlands are quite contented to take a stroll around the towns and soak in the relaxed atmosphere at the night stalls.

Cameron Highlands offers a range of hotels, chalets and colonial bungalows to suit one's preferences and budget.

  Resort Telephone Fax Rooms
Brinchang Cameron Highlands Country Lodge 05-4911811 05-4911396 73
Equatorial Hill Resort 05-4961777 05-4961333 510
Parkland Hotel 05-4911299 / 399 05-4911803 30
Hotel Roasa Passadena 05-4912288 05-4912688 120
Tanah Rata Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands 05-4913888 05-4915666 165
Merlin Inn Resort 05-4911211 / 205 05-4911178 66
Concorde Lakehouse 05-4956152 05-4956213 18
New Garden Inn 05-4915170 05-4915169 47
Strawberry Park Resort 05-4911166 05-4911949 136
The Cool Point Hotel 05-4914914 05-4914070 47

How to get there.....
By road:

Cameron Highlands, though located in the state of Pahang, is only accessible via Tapah in the state of Perak. Access is from the North-South Highway and the turning-off point is at the Tapah Interchange No 132 where Route 59 leads to the resort in an ascending series of twists and bends. The 60 km route from Tapah to the resort is interesting, passing aborginal dwellings, scenic mountain views, and a changing montane forest as one climbs up. At the 22 km point is the majestic Lata Iskandar Waterfall, a popular stop-over for motorists. There are foodstalls and an 'orang asli' handicraft centre here. The journey by road to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur takes about 4-5 hours.

By Bus:

There are 4 bus services, operated by Kurnia Bistari, departing from Pudu Raya, Kuala Lumpur for Tanah Rata. The service starts at 9am and the fare is RM 10.10 one way. From Tapah, the local bus leaves at hourly intervals for Tanah Rata and the fare is RM 3.70 one way.


Taxis do ply directly to Tanah Rata from Kuala Lumpur's Pudu Raya Station. The fare is RM 150 per taxi. Form Tapah to Tanah Rata, the taxi fare is RM 40 - 60 per person.

The rail stop is at Tapah. From here, take a taxi or bus to Tanah Rata.

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